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Paintless Dent Repair Techniques

Have you ever experienced this commonplace situation? You arrive back at your parked car only to find a door ding from another driver. This can be disheartening at best. On the other hand, it can also be an infuriating experience. Not only is your car now damaged, but you’re unsure of the best way to take care of the problem. In the wrong hands, the problem could even become worse.

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This is where we come in. Among us, we have decades of car repair experience and the expert knowledge to provide you with the mobile dent repair services you need to bring your car back into tip-top shape and new-looking again. Our technicians have logged thousands of hours in the business and are equipped with the expertise to tackle any problem. Don’t worry any longer because you can trust your car with us.


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Servicing the Greater Pittsburgh Area

We are proud to offer our services throughout the greater Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania area. We are willing to make your repair experience as painless as possible by having you either bring your car to us or by sending out our mobile repair unit.

Mobile Services Unit
Truly a hassle-free service. We will send our mobile unit to you. Whether you live in the city or the surrounding communities, we’ve got you covered. In the north, we travel as far as Cranberry and in the south as far as Bethel Park. We also cover Robinson, Mars, North Hills, South Hills, Monroeville, Plum, Wexford, Fox Chapel, Franklin Park, Mt. Lebanon, Ross, and most places in between.

Call us to work out which convenient location works best for you. We want this to be as hassle-free for you as possible.

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Dent Removal and Repair Services

Hail Dent Removal

Worried about the many small dents on your car from the latest hail storm? Worry no more. Small dents and dings like those made by hail or other small objects are quick and easy to fix with our specialized hail damage repair process. We can bring your car back to its original factory condition by using our proprietary tools that are made just for this repair. The proper tools, coupled with our expert technicians are the perfect combination to get the job done precisely.

Bumper Repair

Bumpers are often the first place on a vehicle to get damaged. They are the first area dinged in a fender bender or when you pull too far forward in the garage. Our expertly trained team provides the best bumper repair services on the market. They are highly skilled and capable of repairing both rigid and semi-rigid plastic bumpers and are schooled in handling anything from bumper scratches to scrapes, indentations, and even dents.

paint scratch repair

Minor Dent Repair

Depending on the severity of the ding or dent, there are a few techniques we can use to repair it. After a visual inspection, our technicians will decide if the ding can be removed.  We use the best, commercial-quality products on the market to get the job done and bring back the uniform look.

dent removal service

Door Ding Repair

PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) is a process which either uses metal rods to push against dents from the inside of the car or it uses industry-specific tools to pull the dent back into shape from the surface.  When using metal rods, interior panels are carefully removed or slightly opened before our experienced technicians use the specially-designed metal rods to reverse your dent while keeping your paint intact.

Don’t leave these repairs to just anyone and feel confident knowing that our highly-trained team is experienced in the best techniques to bring your car back to new.

Customer Reviews

I was amazed at how they were able to remove the dent from my car. Super fast service too!
– Mike L., Bethel Park

Fantastic job removing scratches on the front bumper. Highly recommend.
– Cheryl C., Wexford

Repaired my driver’s side door dent like new.
– Phillip B., Crafton

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