how dent removal works
Paintless dent removal is a process by which smaller sized dents and dings are removed from your car without having to use paint or fillers.

Traditionally, dent repair was accomplished by filling in vehicle dents with either paint or auto body filler. This process was never able to restore your car to ‘new’ as the paint and filler were never able to match your factory paint job perfectly.

With paintless dent removal, our highly-trained professionals use proprietary tools that get your car back to its original, smooth condition.

How We Remove Dents From Your Automobile

Removing dents can either be achieved by pulling from the exterior or pushing from the interior. However, the dent first needs to be assessed to determine which service we will employ.

If the dent can be pulled, a special dent-puller tool is used. It works much like a suction cup and is attached to paint of your vehicle, above the dent. Next, the tool’s handle is slowly pulled at the proper speed so as not to damage the paint. Heat might also be needed to soften the panel to pull the dent successfully.

If the dent needs to be massaged from the inside, the interior panel on the opposite side of the dent will be removed or gently propped open. Our trained technicians are now able to access the dent and gently massage it back into place. It takes years of training and practice to do this correctly without causing further damage to your car. It is also important to use the proper tools for this step so that you can achieve a perfect result.

Dent Removal Tools We Use

Cars are designed with performance in mind, and so are the tools used to fix them.

There are two basic tools that are used in paintless dent removal – depending on whether the dent needs to be pulled from the outside or pushed from the inside.

If the dent needs to be pulled, a dent puller will be used. This tool is actually a kit designed to lift, or pull, dents and straighten the metal back into place. There are two types of dent pullers:

Dent Suction Pullers

A suction puller works much like a suction cup. It attaches to the dent, and as you pull upwards on the handle, the dent is removed.

Dent Glue Pullers

When using a glue puller, a flat pull-tab is glued onto the vehicle. This tab has a screw attached to it. A second tool sits over the screw and attaches to it, and the tab is gradually pulled up and away from the dent to remove it. Lastly, a special solution is used to remove the glue and the tab.

We Also Use Dent Pushing Tools

In order to properly use pushing (massaging) tools, the vehicle’s interior panel will either be removed or opened.

In order to massage out a dent, a series of metal rods, of varying lengths and shapes, are used. Sometimes up to 10 different rods will need to be used to get your vehicle back into tip-top shape. They include:

  • 2 ft Fender Rod
  • 2 ft Large Hook
  • 2 ft Small Hook
  • 3 ft Double Bend Rod
  • 3 ft Hail Rod
  • 3 ft Single Bend
  • 4 ft Double Bend Rod
  • 4 ft Hail Rod
  • 4 ft Single Bend
  • Big Bertha Rod

Additional Dent Removal Materials

Along with the physical tools necessary to get the job done properly, our technicians may also need to apply varying degrees of heat and pressure to pull or massage out the dents. The proper amount will be determined during the procedure and applied accordingly.

Talk to an Expert

I was amazed at how they were able to remove the dent from my car. Super fast service too!
– Mike L., Bethel Park

Fantastic job removing scratches on the front bumper. Highly recommend.
– Cheryl C., Wexford

Repaired my driver’s side door dent like new.
– Phillip B., Crafton